Reputation Management

We provide our dealer partners with monthly reports detailing their reputation and social progress over time,

along with tools to track consumer engagements and trends.

Monitor Reputation

Our team of experts solicit new online reviews by sending requests to your previous service and retail customers automatically from your DMS. The white glove service will respond to both positive and negative reviews, and will strive to an immediate positive impression online.

– 24/7 reputation monitoring
– Internet reputation protection

Respond to Reviews

When customers write exceptionally negative (or positive) reviews, we reach out and post a response. Initially unhappy customers become your fiercest advocates when their complaints are handled rapidly and w a personal touch. For complex issues, we reach out to you first for clarification. Otherwise, we resolve each issue expediently according to best practices.

– Punctual responses
– Apologies to dissatisfied customers and incentives to win them back|
– Crisis management

Amplify Reviews

We manage and respond to both positive and negative consumer reviews. We then push positive reviews to external sites, such as for increased consumer interaction and exposure.

– Publish positive reviews in marketing and social media to win new customers
– Increased visibility

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