Social Marketing

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, social marketing can help spread the word about your quality products and services. We’ll not only get the word out, but we can manage content and track the results, leaving you free to run your business.

Social Remarketing

We use social remarketing to get your business back in front of people who have expressed a previous interest. This enables you to slice your audiences into small segments, so you can use more precise messaging and offers to convert them to customers.

Designing a remarketing campaign can be very complicated and can require an advanced, customized approach. To ensure that you get the most value out of your remarketing system, obtaining a professional team who has a complete understanding of online ads is a must.

– High performance ad layout
– Real-time bid optimization
– Dynamic ads
– Send your web traffic content to targets news feeds
– Eliminates the need to start another web searc

Social Database Marketing

By leveraging your email database and other information you have on your existing customers, to create targeted Facebook ad campaigns that are intended to reach an audience that’s similar to your existing customers allows you to increase sales.

– Relevant customer data
– Customer segmentation
– Relationship marketing
– Sales Campaigns
– Service Reminders

Social Event Marketing

Local businesses thrive on in-store traffic. Higher foot traffic typically results in more sales. This is why retailers and local businesses often run in-store events. However, most businesses are challenged with the promotion of their events.

Hosting an in-store event is stressful enough. Don’t let the additional tasks of promoting it on all social media fronts become overwhelming! Let Abstrakt help you in spreading the word of your company and its events.

We use Facebook events to help you gain more foot traffic with:
– Custom messages
– Targeted Facebook ads
– Increase shares
– Increase tagging

Social Conquest Marketing

Increase your Customer Retention and Market Share by focusing Social Media Marketing dollarson the group that has the highest likelihood of buying from your dealership.

Filters include:
– In-Market
– By Make
– Vehicle Age
– New/Used
– Vehicle Price